Personalized Community Outreach

Over the past few years we've seen a major decrease in state and federal funding provided to the V.O.C that directly impacts the services and potential financial aid to the residents. There are instances that residents may require minimal financial aid to complete a rental application or obtain documentation for employment, that the VOC may no longer be able to provide. This is an unfortunate gap and an immediate need for the residents success at the VOC.

Our team saw this need as an opportunity to cater the support we can provide to the VOC and its residents. We have the ability to individually cater to the residents immediate need with a catered package that may include; financial aid to ensure that the veterans growth is not stalled. We not only plan to fulfill the need for the veteran but to continue to aid them in their path to success. Below, we are honored to present a few testimonials of how Ruck for Roc has already started this mission and its successes.

"My name is Alberto, and I served the US Army as an MP (Military Police) from 2004-2012, deploying to Afghanistan in 2011. I experienced a number of challenging setbacks after my discharge from the military that lead to alcohol abuse, unemployment, and homelessness. I came to the Richards House in 2018 looking for the opportunity to improve my life. After achieving 12 months of sobriety I came across a job posting as a security guard. I completed the interview process, was able to obtain my armed security guard license, but then ran into an obstacle with the identification documents needed to be hired. I had moved a number of times to multiple states and no longer had access to those documents needed. I had to obtain a new passport, have it expedited, and due to missing those documents I was facing additional fees totaling over $350. After being out of work for so long, I was unable to cover this expense on my own. Ruck for ROC provided the funds necessary for me to obtain my documents so I could begin not only my new employment opportunity but, a new sense of purpose. I’m proud to say I am maintaining my sobriety through the support VOC and The Richards House and this new career all made possible through the support of Ruck for ROC."

Thank you,


“Like many of the services Veterans Outreach Center provides, residential services are critical to ensuring veterans have the level of stability needed to be successful. When veterans have stable housing, their risk for suicide drops, it makes it easier for them to find work and it provides a safe environment for them to get back on their feet. The food, supplies, and funds donated by Ruck for Roc and its supporters over the past three years has helped to make our vision of serving all veterans in need a reality. The level of comradely and patriotism displayed by this group and its followers provides so much inspiration to the veterans we serve and our staff at VOC. We are continually grateful for all of our community partners.”

- Laura Stradley, Executive Director of The VOC.