Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Ruck for Veterans only?

No, everyone is welcome to participate. Bring your family and friends along too!

How fast is the ruck pace?

We walk at about a 18 minute per mile pace. We start together and we finish together. No one is left behind.

What if I can't carry 30-50lbs for 7 miles?

Ruck for Roc does not require any participant to carry the weight during the ruck. We only ask that you bring 30lbs of non-perishable food to be donated. All or some of the weight can be donated prior to the start of the ruck.

Do I have to do the exercises at each stop?

No, all exercises are voluntary. However, if you decide not to participate in the exercises, we do encourage you to motivate us and take pictures!

The Ruck goes to Breweries, what if I don't drink or like beer?

All of the breweries on the Ruck for Roc route offer beverage options for the non-beer drinker. Several locations also offer food. Non-Alcoholic beverages are available at all of our stops. You do not have to be a beer drinker to ruck with us!