Ruck for Roc was created in 2017 as a space for veterans, active duty military personnel and civilians to come together in the name of community betterment. Ruck for Roc strives to create lasting relationships between people and local businesses as a way to uplift those around us who are in need.

Ruck for Roc has worked in conjunction with the Veterans Outreach Center for the past three years in an effort to improve the lives of Rochester area veterans. The Richards House provides veterans with housing, counseling, and job placement services and is invaluable to the community. Twice a year, Rochester area warriors come together to donate badly needed supplies and funds while enjoying a day together out in the city. To date, Ruck for Roc has been able to donate over 16,000 pounds of food and over $9,500 directly to The Richards House! This accomplishment would never have been possible without the support of such an amazing community filled with people and businesses who are compassionate and generous. Without all of you, this idea never would have gone past a conversation over a pint.

Thank You. Let's Ruck.